East Gainesville Instruction

Mission Statement and Goals

Partnering for a positive change as we add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community.

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Values of the East Gainesville Instruction, supported through SF's core mission

We believe in:

Goals of the Santa Fe East Gainesville Instruction

  1. To foster and support educational outreach efforts and programs that will empower the residents of East Gainesville and the surrounding communities
  2. To promote community building events and community ownership that will empower local residents to make a difference in their own communities
  3. To provide outreach and training opportunitiess that will directly or indirectly address poverty in Alachua and Bradford Counties
  4. To reduce the digital divide by addressin the socioeconomic gap between those who have access to computers and the internet and those who do not
  5. To strengthen existing programs and community efforts in East Gainesville by partnering with local schools, agencies, businesses, and social services that focus on educational empowerment
  6. To advocate for and support early intervention and childhood programs for youth in Alachua and Bradford Counties
  7. To facilitate full participation by community members and faith based partners to successfully address community issues, as community involvement is pivotal to this plan's process and overall success
  8. To successfully begin implementation of EGI's five year strategic plan designed and devloped collectively the college and local community members

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