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Santa Fe College 2016-2017

Santa Fe College recognizes your need to have international experience in order to compete in the global job market. To help meet that need, the International Education Office advises students on SF faculty-led programs to numerous locations around the world.

Each program is developed and led by SF faculty members and are typically one to two weeks in length. The programs are taken for credit and are part of a semester's work. So, yes, you are going to a new country to learn - but it's the most fun and exciting way to learn, guaranteed.

  • We are now accepting study abroad applications for the Spring and Summer 2017 study abroad programs.
  • Browse through our study abroad programs and select the one that is right for you.
  • Should you need any assistance in selecting a program, please contact Ms. Anita Badhwar ( to discuss.
  • You may also contact the faculty leader for the program that you are considering in order to learn more about it (see individual programs for faculty contact info).
Country/City Course(s) Dates Status
Costa Rica
  • BSC 2050: Energy AND Ecology
  • GEO2200C Physical Geography
  • PCB 2930: Special Topcis
March 4-12, 2017 Not accepting applications
  • ECO 2710: International Economics
  • MAN4931: Management Seminar 2
  • CPO2001: Comparative Politics
  • POS2905: Study Group
May 18-June 1, 2017 Not accepting applications
  • HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities
  • ART1001: Art Fundamentals
  • ART2950: Group Study/ Individual Study
June 3-10, 2017 Not accepting applications
England, Ireland, & Scotland
  • GEO 2420: Cultural Geography
  • LIT 1000/ENG 2930: Introduction to Literature
May 15-24, 2017 Not accepting applications
  • ARH2050: Art History I
  • ARH2051: Art History II
  • ARH1920 Specialized Study Group
June-15-24, 2017 Not accepting applications
  • SLS1301: Life and Career Development
  • SLS2352: Career Development in the Global Workplace
  • SLS2930: Special Topics/Individual Study
May18-25, 2017 Not accepting applications
  • SYG 22430: Sociology of Marriage and Family
  • SYG 1920: Group Study (Sociology)
  • ASL 2510: Deaf Culture
  • ASL 1920: Group Study (Deaf Culture)
May 14-24, 2017 Not accepting applications

Anita Badhwar
Study Abroad Specialist

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