About the Library

Photo of Lawrence W. Tyree Library, 2003

Library Services
Information about circulation, interlibrary loan, reciprocal borrowing, room reservations, video viewing areas, computer services, etc.
Library Hours
Hours for the library and Coffee 101 for the current semester.
Library Events
Information on past and current events hosted by the library, including Mystery Night and the Library Research Award.
ILL Forms, Book Renewal Forms, Book Request Forms, etc.
Library Staff Directory & Organization Chart
Information on how to contact the library staff.
Building Plan & Floor Directory
Building plan for the library's three floors along with a directory of important locations.
Library Mission & Goals
The library's mission statement and goals.
Library Policies
The official library policies, including the policies for building use, circulation, study rooms, and collection development.
Library Curriculum Vitae
Includes awards, grants,and recognition the library has received and posters and presentations given by its staff.
Images of the Library
Current and historical images of the library.
History of the Library
A brief history of the library at Santa Fe College, from its origins to the current building.
Information for visitors to the Lawrence W. Tyree library who are not affiliated with Santa Fe College.
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