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SMART Planning Objective 2013 - 2014

Division/Planning unit: Academic Affairs
Department/Program: Library
Responsible Person: Jenna Miller

SMART Objective Name: eReader Beta Phase

Focus: Continuous Improvement

Overview: In the Beta Phase of this planning objective, we will continue to evaluate the feasibility of loaning eReaders to users.

Santa Fe Mission Statement:

In keeping with our values and goals, Santa Fe College, a comprehensive public institution of higher education serving North Central Florida and beyond, adds value to the lives of our students and enriches our community through excellence in teaching and learning, innovative educational programs and student services, and community leadership and service.

Which of the college's values does this SMART Objective reflect most directly?

Academic excellence, academic freedom, and intellectual pursuit

  • Open Access
  • Lifelong learning
  • Assessment, accountability, and improvement

Which of the college's goals does this SMART Objective support most strongly?

  • Delivery Alternatives - Assess student needs and outcomes as well as create innovative and flexible learning opportunities.


Program Review Document - March 2014
Program Review Document - December 2014

Learning Outcome and/or Administrative Outcomes Assessment Measure(s) Associated with Outcome Target(s) Associated with Outcome
Administrative outcome of evaluation of a new service

Circulation transactions

Student satisfaction feedback

Student demand for access to materials demonstrated with 50% or better circulation rate.

Functionality and ease of use of eReader demonstrated with 80% or better satisfaction rate.

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