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2004 American Library Association Conference Poster Session

Uncovering the Hidden Library: Increasing Visibility on a Community College Campus

Scott Tarbox, Serafin Roldan-Santiago, Karen Moore, Ramona Miller-Ridlon, Mary McCarty, and Elizabeth Engel

poster guests viewing poster Karen, Scott, and Mary

The staff of the Lawrence W. Tyree Library is often underestimated in terms of their expertise as information professionals. The staff needed to increase contact with faculty, administrators, and college staff in order to create a more effective awareness of the library.

This public awareness campaign has been very successful, as evidenced by the increased number of requests for library instructions from adjunct and full-time faculty. Also, there has been a more serious commitment by faculty in the process of liaison. As a result, the library staff has also increased its involvement in various institutional committees. This presentation will offer concrete suggestions for becoming more visible in your community college, including handouts for creating your own thematic posters and calendar.

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