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The Library Owns Book symbol indicates that the library also owns a print version of this play. You can also find stage-plays that have been made into feature films by doing a Subject=TPP1101 search in the library catalog.

Films in the Classroom Collection are available at the circulation desk and are for in-library use only. Faculty may check out these videos for classroom use. Films in the MEDIA collection are available on the first floor of the library and may be checked out for 2 weeks.

Suggested Titles

Amadeus / Peter Schaffer --- MEDIA PN1997 .A48 2002 Library Owns Book
Adapted from Shaffer's play, the film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer obsessed with and jealous of the musical genius of the age, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Angels in America / Tony Kushner --- Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
Set in 1985. Revolves around two very different men with AIDS, one fictional, one fictionalized. Roy Cohn, personifies all the hypocrisy, delusion and callousness of the official response to the plague. Nothing shakes Roy's lack of empathy: even on his death bed, he's fighting with his gay nurse and taunting the woman he helped put to death, Ethel Rosenberg. The other patient is Prior Walter, who is visited by an angel and deserted by his self-pitying lover, Louis. Louis moves on to a relationship with Joe Pitt, a Mormon lawyer whose closeted homosexuality drives his wife to delusions and brings his mother to New York.

Antigone / Sophocles --- MEDIA PA4413 .A72 2004 Library Owns Book
The Greek tragedy of Sophocles in which King Creon orders Antigone's death for burying her slain brother against the King's desire.

Arsenic and Old Lace / Frank Capra --- MEDIA PN1997 .A77 2000 Library Owns Book
An easy-going drama critic is shocked to discover that his elderly aunts, the seemingly gentle-natured Abby and Martha, have a habit of poisoning gentlemen callers and burying them in the cellar of their old Brooklyn mansion.

Barefoot in the Park / Neil Simon --- MEDIA PN1997 .B374 1999 Library Owns Book
A comedy about a young newlywed couple in New York and the difficulties that they encounter in adjusting to marriage and life together in a fifth-floor walk-up apartment.

Becket / Jean Anouilh ---MEDIA PN1997 .B435 2007 Library Owns Book
Despite differences in rank and background, King Henry II and Thomas Becket are lifelong friends. When the Archbishop of Canterbury dies, Henry has a brilliant idea: rather than another pious cleric loyal to Rome, he will appoint his old friend, Thomas Becket—technically a deacon—to the post. Unfortunately, Becket takes the job seriously, holding devotion to God and the Church above his loyalty to the throne, or the person of its inhabitant. In opposition to Henry, he proves abler than his predecessors do, and the clash of two powerful personalities leads to destruction.

Biloxi Blues / Neil Simon --- MEDIA PS3537.I663 B55 2004 Library Owns Book
Eugene has been sent to boot camp where he encounters lots of new experiences.

Born Yesterday / Garson Kanin --- MEDIA PN1997 .B678 1999
A corrupt millionaire junk dealer, embarrassed by his girlfriend's lack of social sophistication, arranges to have her trained in a crash course in "culture." He is surprised and outraged when after becoming aware of her role as pawn in his crooked business deals, she refuses to cooperate.

Boys in the Band / Matt Crowley --- MEDIA PN1997 .M37 2008 Library Owns Book
A witty, perceptive and devastating look at the personal agendas and suppressed revelations swirling among a group of gay men in Manhattan. Harold is celebrating a birthday, and his friend Michael has drafted some friends to help commemorate the event. As the evening progresses, the alcohol flows, the knives come out, and Michael's demand that the group participate in a devious telephone game unleashes dormant and unspoken emotions.

Breaker Morant / Kenneth Ross --- MEDIA PN1997 .B743547 2008
Three Australian lieutenants are court-martialed for executing prisoners as a way of deflecting attention from war crimes committed by their superior officers. Based on a play and true story.

Brighton Beach Memoirs / Neil Simon --- MEDIA PN1997 .B745 2003 Library Owns Book
Fifteen-year-old Eugene Jerome is trying to uncover life's mysteries in this adaptation of a Broadway hit about growing up in Brooklyn during the late 1930's.

Bus Stop / Thomas Inge --- MEDIA PS3517.N265 B8 2001 Library Owns Book
A comedy-drama about a naive but brash young cowboy from Montana who goes to Phoenix to compete in a rodeo and learns about life and love from a cafe singer whom he tries to force into marriage.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof / Tennessee Williams --- MEDIA PN1997 .C38 1999 & Classroom Collection
A story of deception which is destroying a patriarchal Southern family as its members gather for the imminent demise of their "Big Daddy."

The Crucible / Arthur Miller --- MEDIA PS3525.I5156 C723 2004Library Owns Book
John Proctor is a middle aged, married farmer whose infidelity leads to tragedy. When he ends the brief affair, his young mistress launches a vendetta, charging that Proctor's wife practices witchcraft. The accusation ignites a wave of hysteria among the villagers, culminating in a trial of both Proctor and his wife.

Dangerous Liaisons / Christopher Hampton --- MEDIA PN1997 .D324 1997 Library Owns Book
A rich, scheming widow, a predatory rake and a beautiful, virtuous woman take the field in the age-old battle of the sexes in the eighteenth century.

Death of a Salesman / Arthur Miller --- MEDIA PN1997 .D424 2002 & Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
Dark drama of a failed man, Willy Loman, whose life did not measure up to his expectations.

Desire Under the Elms / Eugene O'Neill --- MEDIA PS3529.N5 D47 2004 Library Owns Book
Set in 19th century New England, this is a classic tale of greed, lust and family hatred which shatters a family's life.

A Doll's House / Henrik Ibsen --- MEDIA PT8861 .A3314 2003 Library Owns Book
Nora is sheltered first by her father and then by her husband. All her life, she has been protected like a fragile possession ... like a doll in a doll's house. After she marries, Nora becomes frustrated, realizes that under the dominance of her husband she will never have an identity of her own, and leaves to find a new life for herself.

Doubt / John Patrick Shanley --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .D68 2009
1964, St. Nicholas in the Bronx. Father Flynn is a charismatic priest who is trying to upend the schools' strict customs, which have long been fiercely guarded by Sister Aloysius Beauvier. The Sister is the iron-gloved principal who believes in the power of fear and discipline. With the winds of political change, the school has just accepted its first black student, Donald Miller. But when Sister James shares with Sister Aloysius her suspicion that Father Flynn is paying too much personal attention to Donald, Sister Aloysius sets off on a personal crusade to unearth the truth and to expel Flynn from the school. Now, without any proof, besides her moral certainty, Sister Aloysius locks into a battle of wills with Father Flynn. This threatens to tear apart the community with its irrevocable consequence.

Driving Miss Daisy / Alfred Uhry --- MEDIA PN1997 .D74 2003 Library Owns Book
Set in Atlanta in the 1950's, a textile factory owner insists on hiring an ever-patient chauffeur for his aging head-strong mother. The Jewish woman and her African American driver eventually build a relationship over many years.

Equus / Peter Shaffer --- MEDIA PN1997 .E688 2003 Library Owns Book
A middle-aged psychiatrist tries to find out why a young man has blinded six horses entrusted to his care.

A Few Good Men / Aaron Sorkin --- MEDIA PN1997 .F49 2001
A brash Navy lawyer is teamed with a gung-ho litigator in a politically-explosive murder case. Charged with defending two Marines accused of killing a fellow soldier, they are confronted with complex issues of loyalty and honor—including its most sacred code and its most formidable warrior.

Frankie & Johnny / Terrence McNally --- MEDIA PN1997 .F736 2001
Frankie, a waitress at a N.Y.C. coffee shop, has had a series of hurtful relationships and the last thing she's looking for is a new man. Johnny, an outgoing ex-con hired as the new short-order cook, falls head-over-heels for Frankie, who wants nothing to do with him.

Frost/Nixon / Peter Morgan --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .F76 2009
Richard Nixon is the disgraced president with a legacy to save. David Frost is a jet-setting television personality with a name to make. This is the legendary battle between the two men and the historic encounter that changed both their lives.

The Glass Menagerie / Tennessee Williams --- MEDIA PN1997 .T39465 2002 Library Owns Book
A strong willed woman attempts to impose her shattered dreams into the life and personality of her shy, reclusive daughter.

Glengarry GlenRoss / David Mamet --- MEDIA PN1997 .G5342 2002
A powerful story of desperation and betrayal set in the world of real estate.

The Goodbye Girl / Neil Simon --- MEDA PN1997 .G66 2000
When a woman's ex-husband sublets her apartment right out from under her and she refuses to move, the new tenant, a Chicago actor, moves in, touching off a comic, hate-love relationship.

Grand Hotel = Menschen im Hotel / Vicki Baum --- MEDIA PN1997 .G736 2004
Berlin's plushest, most expensive hotel is the setting where in the words of Dr. Otternschlag "People come, people go. Nothing ever happens." The doctor is usually drunk so he misses the fact that Baron von Geigern is broke and trying to steal eccentric dancer Grusinskaya's pearls, but ends up stealing her heart instead. Powerful German businessman Preysing brow beats his lowly bookkeeper, Kringelein, but in the end it is Kringelein who holds all the cards. Meanwhile, the Baron also steals the heart of Preysing's mistress, Flaemmchen, but in the end, she doesn't end up with either one of them.

Hamlet / William Shakespeare Library Owns Book

Harvey / Mary Chase --- MEDIA PN1997 .H378 2000
Comedy about a good-natured fellow whose constant companion is a six-foot tall invisible rabbit. His sister is determined to marry her daughter off and decides to commit her brother to a mental hospital to get him out of the way. Due to a mix-up the sister is committed instead, and it is up to the kindly brother and his imaginary friend to straighten things out!

Hedda Gabler / Henrik Ibsen --- MEDIA PT8868 .A33 2007 Library Owns Book
The story of a woman's tormented search for self-fulfillment in a world dominated by men.

Henry V / William Shakespeare --- MEDIA PR2812.A23 H46 2000
Young King Henry of England asserts a hereditary claim to the throne of France, gathering an army and embarking on a course that will lead to one of England's greatest battlefield triumphs and forever change the face of Europe.

The Iceman Cometh / Eugene O'Neill --- MEDIA PS3529.N5 I34 2001 Library Owns Book
In the faded, Vermeer-like light of Harry Hope's 1912 New York skid row bar, a ragtag group of fallen men await the annual arrival of their friend Hickey. But now Hickey is sober, and he wants his drunken friends to follow the same path.

The Importance of Being Earnest / Oscar Wilde --- MEDIA PN1997 .I46 2002 & Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
Algernon is a gentlemen from a wealthy family. Algernon's close friend Jack, has a ward, Cecily. Both Algernon and Jack have created alter egos to make life more interesting. Algernon arrives for a weekend visit in the country posing as Earnest. Having heard of Earnest's misadventures, Cicely has developed an infatuation with the rogue, and Algernon's impersonation of him works famously on Cicely. Meanwhile, Algernon's cousin, Gwendolyn, arrives for the weekend, and is startled to discover Jack is also there—except that she knows him as bad-boy Earnest. So just who really is who?

Inherit the Wind / Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee --- MEDIA PN1997 .I54 2001 Library Owns Book
A small Tennessee town gained national attention in 1925 when a biology schoolteacher was arrested for violating state law and teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom.

The Lion in Winter / James Goldman --- MEDIA PN1997 .L56 2001 Library Owns Book
Historical drama of the conflict between King Henry II of England and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine over Henry's successor to the British throne.

Long Day's Journey Into Night / Eugene O'Neill --- MEDIA PN1997 .L6485 2004 Library Owns Book
Based on Eugene O'Neill's 1956 autobiography, this film depicts a day in the life of a family deteriorating under drug addiction, alcoholism, and imminent death.

Lost in Yonkers / Neil Simon --- MEDIA PN1997.L7453 S56 1993 Library Owns Book
Set during World War II, this is the story of two brothers sent to live with their domineering grandmother after their mother's death. Also living with her is their Aunt Bella, a somewhat backward 36 year-old who escapes to the movies whenever she can. But when Uncle Louie, a small-time gangster, arrives, everyone gets a surprising second chance at happiness.

Love Me Tonight (La Tailleru au Chateau) / Leopold Marchand and Paul Armont --- MEDIA PN1997 .L68 2003
A carefree tailor leaves Paris to collect on a past due bill at an aristocratic client's chateau. Mistaken for royalty, he attempts to woo a lovely princess.

Luther / John Osborne --- Classroom Collection
Regional princes and the powerful Catholic Church wield a fast, firm and merciless grip over 16th-century Germany. But when Martin Luther issues a shocking challenge to their authority, the people declare him their new leader - and hero. Even when threatened with violent death, Luther refused to back down, sparking a bloody religious revolution that shakes the entire continent to its core.

The Madness of King George (The Madness of George III) / Alan Bennett --- Classroom Collection
Based on the life of King George III, this is the story of royal intrigue, sexual indiscretions, backstairs plotting and a battle for power between Parliament and the throne, all occurring while the King is being treated for an unknown mental illness.

The Maids / Jean Genet --- MEDIA PQ2613.E53 B66 2003
Two Parisian sisters, Solange and Claire, serve as maids to a cruel socialite, but whenever she leaves, the two act out a bizarre, complex role-playing psychodrama of domination and control that feeds their powerful lust for revenge upon the mistress they serve.

A Man for All Seasons / Robert Bolt --- MEDIA PN1997 .M36 2007 Library Owns Book
Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, has an unquestioning faith. As a devout Catholic, More refuses to support King Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon. In quest of a son, Henry wants to marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn. When the petulant king breaks with Rome and the Pope, More resigns his chancellorship in protest. Unsure in his new position as head of the Church of England, the king is unnerved by More's continued refusal to acknowledge his suzerainty. For his stubborn convictions, More ends up imprisoned in the Tower of London.

The Man Who Came To Dinner / George Kauffman --- MEDIA PS3521.A727 M36 2000
While on a lecture tour in the midwest, an acid-tongued radio celebrity and his secretary accept a dinner invitation from an ordinary, all-American family. Unfortunately, he breaks his hip and must move in to recuperate—bringing his eccentric lifestyle and oddball friends into their well-ordered lives.

A Midsummer Night's Dream / William Shakespeare Library Owns Book

The Miracle Worker / William Gibson --- MEDIA PN1997 .M572 2001
A dramatization of the story about the struggle of a Boston teacher, Annie Sullivan, to communicate with and teach the deaf, blind, and mute child, Helen Keller.

Miss Ever's Boys / David Feldshuh --- MEDIA PN1992.8.F5 M57 2001
In 1932, Nurse Eunice Evers is invited to work with doctors on the "Tuskegee Experiment" to study the effects of syphilis. She is faced with a terrible dilemma when she learns the patients are denied treatment that could cure them.

Much Ado About Nothing / William Shakespeare --- MEDIA PR2828.A2 B72 2003 Library Owns Book
With his wedding a week away, hot-blooded Claudio can't wait to marry the beautiful young Hero. To distract him, his best friend devises delightful mischief—a romantic trap for the sharp-tongued Beatrice and the man she most loves to hate, Benedick.

The Odd Couple / Neil Simon --- MEDIA PN1997.O33 2006Library Owns Book
Two divorced men (one is fastidious, the other is a slob) share a New York apartment.

Oedipus Rex / Sophocles --- Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
Oedipus Rex unknowingly murders his father and marries his mother, bringing a prophecy made at his birth to fruition.

Oleanna / David Mamet --- Classroom Collection
Desperate to pass one of her classes, Carol approaches her professor John behind the closed doors of his university office. Words are exchanged. A touch. A glance. And what began as a simple meeting between teacher and student, suddenly spirals wildly out-of-control. But when Carol files harassment charges against him, the wheels are set in motion for a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse with shocking, devastating results.

On Golden Pond / Ernest Thompson --- MEDIA PN1997.O533 2003
Shows the conflicts between three generations as the Thayers, a crotchety old professor and his wife, spend their summer together on a lake in New England. The couple agrees to mind their estranged daughter's boyfriend's child, while daughter and boyfriend go on a trip. The boy bonds with the old man in a way his daughter never did. Shows the terrors and graces of aging.

Othello / William Shakespeare --- MEDIA PR2829.A23 N86 2013 Library Owns Book
In Venice during 1570, Desdemona, daughter of a powerful nobleman, elopes with Othello, a proud Moor celebrated as the city's most awesome warrior. Iago, who has served alongside Othello for a decade, is angered when the general chooses another lieutenant, Cassio, as his second in command. In retribution, Iago sabotages Cassio's promotion and convinces Othello that the handsome officer is cuckolding him.

Our Town / Thorton Wilder --- MEDIA PS3545.I345 O92 2003 Library Owns Book
A study of life, love, and death in a New England town at the turn of the 20th century.

The Philadelphia Story / Philip Barry --- MEDIA PN1997 .P55 2000 & Classroom Collection
A sophisticated romantic comedy about a rich, spoiled socialite who learns some things about who she is and what she really wants on the eve of her second marriage.

The Piano Lesson / August Wilson --- MEDIA PS3573 .I45677 P53 1998 Library Owns Book
The Charles family clashes over the fate of a magnificent, carved piano that carries their family's story from their days as slaves. Boy Willie wants to sell the piano to buy a farm—the same fields their family worked as slaves. But his sister, Berniece, refuses to part with it. For her, the piano is their very soul, a legacy of pride and struggle that symbolizes their survival as a family. To resolve the conflict they must first deal with the past.

Play It Again, Sam / Woody Allen --- MEDIA PN1997.P5243 W6 2001
A movie buff periodically receives tips from the spirit of Humphrey Bogart on how to make it with women.

Proof / David Auburn --- MEDIA PN1997.2 .P7664 2006 Library Owns Book
A devoted daughter who comes to terms with the death of her father, a brilliant mathematician whose genius was crippled by mental insanity, with the help of one of her father's former students.

A Raisin In the Sun / Lorraine Hansberry --- MEDIA PN1997 .R34 1997 & Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
Film of the award-winning play about a struggling black family living on Chicago's South Side and the impact of an unexpected insurance bequest. Each family member sees the bequest as the means of realizing dreams and of escape from grinding frustrations.

Richard III / William Shakespeare --- MEDIA PR2825.A23 B23 2004 Library Owns Book
Presents William Shakespeare's play about Richard of Gloucester, a self-proclaimed villain, who usurps the crown from King Edward IV.

Rhinoceros / Eugene Ionesco --- MEDIA PQ2617.O6 R483 2003 Library Owns Book
Rhinoceros tells the story of a French town plagued by rhinoceri. These are not ordinary rhinoceroses, but people who have been victims of "rhinoceritis." Or is it something else entirely?

Romeo and Juliet / William Shakespeare Library Owns Book

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead / Tom Stoppard --- MEDIA PN1997 .R6766 2005 Library Owns Book
The fringe characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet take center stage at Elsinore.

Sabrina / Samuel Taylor --- MEDIA PN1997 .S23 2008 Library Owns Book
Comedy in which the daughter of the chauffeur for an immensely wealthy family returns from Paris and dazzles the family's two sons.

A Soldier's Story (A Soldier's Play) / Charles Fuller --- MEDIA PS3556.U367 S62 1999
A black army attorney is sent to Fort Neal, Louisiana, near the end of World War II to investigate the murder of Sgt. Waters, a black man who despised his own roots.

Steel Magnolias / Robert Harling --- MEDIA PN1997 .S744 2000 & Classroom Collection Library Owns Book
A young diabetic's decision to have a baby may cost her life. This choice leaves her own mother torn between love and anger, while her loyal friends support her and try to deal with their own feelings.

A Streetcar Named Desire / Tennessee Williams --- MEDIA PN1997 .S77 1997 Library Owns Book
A repressed widow visits her sister in New Orleans after the family estate dwindles to nothing. She is raped and eventually driven mad by her brutal brother-in-law.

Suddenly Last Summer / Tennessee Williams --- MEDIA PN1997 .S933 2000
Beautiful Catherine Holly is committed to a mental institution after witnessing the horrible death of her cousin at the hands of cannibals. Her rich aunt tries to influence a young neurosurgeon to surgically end Catherine's haunting hallucinations. By utilizing injections of truth serum, the neurosurgeon discovers that Catherine's delusions are in fact true and must confront the rich aunt about her own involvement in her son's violent death.

12 Angry Men / Reginald Rose --- MEDIA PN1997 .A135 2001
Depicts a jury of men who must decide the fate of a teenage boy who has murdered his abusive father. The jurors are from all walks of life, and bring with them their own opinions, prejudices, fears, and personal demons.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Edward Albee ---MEDIA PN1997 .W467 2006 Library Owns Book
A couple is invited to the home of a professor and his sharp-tongued wife, and are treated to verbal battles by their hosts.

Wit / Margaret Edson --- MEDIA PS3555.D4845 W58 2001 Library Owns Book
An English professor, who alienates her students, has always had control over her life. That is until she is diagnosed with a devastating illness. She agrees to undergo a series of procedures that are brutal, extensive and experimental. She finds that the fine line between life and death can only be walked with wit.

You Can't Take It With You / George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart --- MEDIA PN1997 .Y68 2003
Comedy about the Sycamores, an eccentric family of free spirits, and the problems that arises when Alice, the one stable member, falls for her boss's son.

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