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For more books about global warming and climate change, use the following subject keywords in the library catalog. Books in the second floor reference collection are for in-library-use only; books in the third floor circulating collection may be checked out.

Reference Books (2nd Floor, In-Library-Use)

Dow, Kirstin / The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge --- REF QC981.8.C5 D69 2007 [2006 ed. upstairs, QC981.8.C5 D69 2006]

Encyclopedia of Global Change: Environmental Change and Human Society --- REF GE149 .E47 2002 & eBook

Johansen, Bruce E. / The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology --- REF QC981.8.G56 J638 2009

Circulating Books (3rd Floor)

Barnes, Peter / Climate Solutions: A Citizen's Guide --- QC981.8.C5 B365 2008

Cohen, Stewart Jay / Climate Change in the 21st Century --- QC903 .C57 2009

Downie, David Leonard, Brash, Kate, and Vaughan, Catherine / Climate Change: A Reference Handbook --- QC981.8.C5 D693 2009

Fagan, Brian M. / The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations --- QC981.8.G56 F34 2008

Gore, Al / Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis --- QC981.8.G56 G6735 2009

Goldstein, Natalie / Global Warming --- QC981.8.G56 G664 2009 & eBook

Goodell, Jeff / How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth's Climate --- QC981.8.C5 G666 2010

Hertsgaard, Mark / Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth --- QC981.8.G56 H47 2011

Inslee, Jay and Hendricks, Bracken / Apollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean-Energy Economy --- HD9502.U52 I536 2008

Keilbach, K. B. / Global Warming is Good for Business: How Savvy Entrepreneurs, Large Corporations, and Others Are Making Money While Saving the Planet --- QC981.8.G56 K45 2009

Lawson, Nigel / An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming --- QC981.8.G56 L39 2008

McKibben, Bill / Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community --- QC981.8.G56 M35 2007

Northcott, Michael S. / A Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming --- BT695.5 .N69 2007

Paltridge, Garth W. / The Climate Caper: Facts and Fallacies of Global Warming --- QC981.8.G56 P34 2010


Antholis, William / Fast Forward: Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming --- click to view eBook

Black, Brian / Global Warming --- click to view eBook

Dauncey, Guy / The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming --- click to view eBook

FitzRoy, Felix R. and Papyrakis, Elissaios / An Introduction to Climate Change Economics and Policy --- click to view eBook

Gardiner, Stephen M. / Climate Ethics: Essential Readings --- click to view eBook

Goodall, Chris / How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: The Individual's Guide to Tackling Climate Change --- click to view eBook

Hamilton, Clive / Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate Change --- click to view eBook

Kunzig, Robert and Broecker, Wallace S. / Fixing Climate: The Story of Climate Science—and How To Stop Global Warming --- click to view eBook

Maslin, Mark / Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction --- click to view eBook

Motavalli, Jim / Feeling the Heat: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Climate Change --- click to view eBook

Rabe, Barry G. / Greenhouse Governance: Addressing Climate Change in America --- click to view eBook


Be Prepared for Global Warming [DVD] --- Classroom Collection

Global Warming: The Signs and the Science [DVD] --- MEDIA QC981.8.G56 G5838 2005 & Classroom Collection

An Inconvenient Truth [DVD] --- MEDIA QC981.8.G56 I533 2006 & Classroom Collection

Six Degrees Could Change the World [DVD] --- MEDIA QC861.3 .S59 2008 & Classroom Collection

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