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To find children's books written in Spanish, go to the library catalog and do a Subject search for Spanish language books -- Juvenile fiction. Unless otherwise noted, books can be found on the second floor of the library in the Youth Collection.


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bilingual book icon  Bilingual Books

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp = Aladino y la Lámpara Maravillosa by Josep Vallverdú --- LANGUAGE PZ73.V345 Al 2006
Aladdin outwits an evil magician who first tries to trick him into handing over an old lamp with a genie inside and later steals Aladdin's wife and possessions.

All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color = Todos los Colores de Nuestra Piel: La Historia de por qué Tenemos Diferentes Colores de Piel by Katie Kissinger --- LANGUAGE PZ73.K577 All 2014
Explains, in simple terms, the reasons for skin color, how it is determined by heredity, and how various environmental factors affect it.

Arroz con Leche: Un Poema para Cocinar = Rice Pudding: A Cooking Poem by Jorge Argueta --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A74 Arr 2010
In this delightful book award-winning poet Jorge Argueta gives us his favorite recipe for rice pudding, providing a wonderful opportunity for family fun in the kitchen.

Book Fiesta! Celebrate Children's Day/Book Day = Celebremos el Día de los Niños/el Día de los Libros by Pat Mora --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M635 Boo 2009
Children read aloud in various settings to celebrate of El día de los niños, or Children’s Day, in this bilingual story. Includes facts about Mexico’s annual celebration of children and the book fiestas that are often included.

Calling the Doves = El Canto de las Palomas by Juan Felipe Herrera --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H47 Cal 1995
The author recalls his childhood in the mountains and valleys of California with his farmworker parents who inspired him with poetry and song.

The Cat in the Hat = El Gato Ensombrerado by Dr. Seuss --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G276 Cat 2015
A zany but well-meaning cat brings a cheerful, exotic, and exuberant form of chaos to a household of two young children one rainy day while their mother is out.

Count with Dora! by Phoebe Beinstein --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .B457 Cou 2002
Young fans will love helping Dora count coconuts, bananas, and pineapples in English and Spanish.

The Coyote Under the Table = El Coyote Debajo de la Mesa: Folktales Told in Spanish and English by Joe Hayes --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H32 Coy 2011
A collection of ten classic tales from Northern New Mexico retold in Spanish and English.

Dance of the Eggshells = Baile de Cascarones by Carla Aragón --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A658 Dan 2010
Libby and her brother have been fighting, but they find common ground while spending spring break with their grandparents near Santa Fe, New Mexico, participating in cultural events surrounding Easter.

A Day Without Sugar = Un Día Sin Azúcar by Diane De Anda --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D3852 Day 2012
Because ten-year-old Tito is at risk of developing diabetes like some of his relatives, Tia Sofia spends a day teaching him and his cousins about healthy, low-sugar or sugar-free treats.

Dora's Opposites: In English and Spanish = Opuestos de Dora: En Inglés y en Español by Phoebe Beinstein --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .B457 Dor 2002
Popular TV character Dora the Explorer demonstrates opposites.

Drum, Chavi, Drum! = Toca, Chavi, Toca! by Mayra L. Doyle --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D701 Dru 2003
Chavi's music teacher believes that only boys should play drums in Miami's Festival de la Calle Ocho, but Chavi knows she is a good musician and looks for a way to prove it.

¿Eres Tú Mi Mamá? = Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E13153 Ere 1995
When a baby bird hatches while his mother is out searching for food, he leaves the nest for a series of adventures to try to determine his mother's identity.

Fiesta! by Ginger Foglesong Guy --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G842 Fie 1996
Bilingual text describes a children's party and provides practice counting in English and Spanish.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears = Ricitos de Oro y los Tres Osos --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M35 Gol 1998
A retelling of the classic story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

Un Gran Edificio: Un Libro Para Contar Sobre Construcción = One Big Building: A Counting Book About Construction by Michael Dahl --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D15134 Gra 2011
A counting book that follows the construction of a building, from one plan to twelve stories and includes related facts and counting activities.

Hate That Thunder = Odio Ese Trueno! by William J. Adams --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A33 Hat 2006
Mandy faces her fear of thunder and overcomes it.

Jack and the Beanstalk = Juan y los Frijoles Mágicos --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B54 Jac 1998
A retelling of the classic story of the boy who climbs a beanstalk and outwits a giant.

Laughing Out Loud, I Fly: Poems in English and Spanish by Juan Felipe Herrera --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H477 Lau 1998
A collection of poems in Spanish and English about childhood, place, and identity.

Level Up = Paso el Nivel --- LANGUAGE PZ73.Z363 Lev 2012
David is always about to reach a new level of a video game when his friends invite him to play outside, but while the game is broken, he discovers that learning to skateboard or play basketball can be like "leveling up" in real life.

Libélulas = Dragonflies by Jason Cooper --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C6618 Lib 2006
Learn about dragonflies.

Little Red Riding Hood = Caperucita Roja --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .R68 Lit 1999
A little girl meets a hungry wolf in the forest while on her way to visit her sick grandmother.

Look Where I Live! = Mira Donde Vivo! by Catherine Bruzzone & Lone Morton --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M675 Mir 2015
In a delightfully unusual language-learning series, children learn vocabulary by visiting colorful houses around the world, and playing I Spy in each. Each house displays lots of fascinating things to search and find. The repetitious language and the excellent practice of a wide variety of useful words make these books absorbing fun in Spanish, while children also discover the differences and similarities in each of the different homes across the globe.

Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match = Marisol McDonald No Combina by Monica Brown --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B816644 Mar 2011
Marisol McDonald, a biracial, nonconformist, soccer-playing pirate-princess with brown skin and red hair, celebrates her uniqueness.

Me Gustan los Animales = I Like Animals --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W565 Me 2010
This little volume features exceptionally clear, colorful photos of animals. Each picture appears on a single page or double-page spread, accompanied by a brief sentence in Spanish and in English.

Mi Familia Calaca = My Skeleton Family by Cynthia Weill --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W45 Mi 2013
Welcome to the Family! It's just like yours: father, mother, sister, brother, abuelita, gato. Well, but, there's something just a little bit different about this family. Maybe it's those clothes they wear... just a little bit fashion backward. And the colors! So vibrant and... lively. Maybe that's what it is. They are just so full of life. Familia—life from a Day of the Dead perspective!

Mis Colores, Mi Mundo = My Colors, My World by Maya Christina Gonzalez --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G589 Mis 2007
Maya, who lives in the dusty desert, opens her eyes wide to find the colors in her world, from Papi's black hair and Mami's orange and purple flowers to Maya's red swing set and the fiery pink sunset.

¡Montones de Mariquitas! Cuenta de Cinco en Cinco = Lots of Ladybugs: Counting by Fives by Michael Dahl --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D15134 Mon 2011
Introduces counting by fives by counting the number of spots on the shell of a ladybug.

A Movie in My Pillow: Poems = Una Película en Mi Almohada: Poemas by Jorge Argueta --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A74 Mov 2001
Jorgito lives in San Francisco's Mission District, but has not forgotten his native El Salvador. His memories of the volcanoes, his grandmother's stories, and the cornmeal "pupusas" form a patchwork of dreams that becomes a movie in his pillow.

Mulan: A Story in English and Chinese by Li Jian --- PZ10.82.L44 Mul 2014
There was once an extraordinary girl who was as beautiful as she was brave. She knew how to read and write and sew. She loved to ride horses and shoot her bow and arrows. But it was the love for her family and her father that made her into a great soldier.

My Clothes = Mi Ropa by Rebecca Emberley --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .E43 Myc 2002
This illustrated book for children introduces words in English and Spanish for items of clothing.

My Food = Mi Comida by Rebecca Emberley --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .E43 Myf 2002
This illustrated book for children introduces words in English and Spanish for several foods.

My House: A Book in Two Languages = Mi Casa: Un Libro en Dos Lenguas by Rebecca Emberley --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E43 Myh 1990
Captioned illustrations and Spanish and English text describe things found in a house.

My Toys = Mis Juguetes by Rebecca Emberley --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E43 Myt 2002
This illustrated book for children introduces words in English and Spanish for several toys.

My Way: A Margaret and Margarita Story = A Mi Manera: Un Cuento de Margarita y Margaret by Lynn Reiser --- LANGUAGE PZ73.R414 My 2007
Parallel text in Spanish and English portrays Margaret and Margarita, who mirror one another as they fix their hair, greet their friends, and engage in other routine activities, each in her own special way.

No, No and No! = No, No y No! by Mireille d'Allancé --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A4127 No 2004
The little bear Octavio goes to school for the first time. The only thing that he says all day is "no."

Olinguito, de la A a la Z! Descubriendo el Bosque Bublado = Olinguito, from A to Z! Unveiling the Cloud Forest by Lulu Delacre --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D45 Ol 2016
The plants and animals of the cloud forest on the western slope of the Ecuadorian Andes are presented in alphabet format.

Once Upon a Time: Traditional Latin American Tales = Había una Vez: Cuentos Tradicionales Latinoamericanos by Rueben Martínez --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M3728 Onc 2010
A collection of seven traditional tales from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain retold in English and Spanish. Includes notes about each story.

Only You = Sólo Tú by Rosemary Wells --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W46843 On 2004
A little bear describes how much his mother means to him.

Los Peces = Fish by Ted O'Hare --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O3318 Pec 2006
The many types of fish and their habitats are explored.

The Princess and the Pea = La Princesa y el Guisante --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B62313 Pri 2004
By feeling a pea through twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds, a girl proves that she is a real princess.

Puss in Boots = El Gato con Botas --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .B43 Pus 2004
A clever cat wins his master a fortune and the hand of a princess.

Rapunzel --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B54 Rap 2006
A beautiful girl with extraordinarily long golden hair is imprisoned in a lonely tower by a witch.

Salsa: Un Poema para Cocinar = Salsa: A Cooking Poem by Jorge Argueta --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A74 Sal 2015
In this new cooking poem, Jorge Argueta brings us a fun and easy recipe for a yummy salsa. A young boy and his sister gather the ingredients and grind them up in a molcajete, just like their ancestors used to do, singing and dancing all the while.

Ser Como el Bambú = Be Like the Bamboo by Ismael Cala --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A43 Ser 2015
"I want to be tall, strong and flexible like the bamboo!", Baby Panda says to his mom. A bilingual book Spanish-English, beautifully illustrated, for children to learn the value of patience.

Side by Side: The Story of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez = Lado a Lado: La Historia de Dolores Huerta y Cesar Chavez by Monica Brown --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B816644 Sid 2010
Something special happened when Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez met. Together, they fought for the rights of countless farmworkers. Side by side, inspiring hope, they changed history.

Siesta by Ginger Fogleson Guy --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G842 Sie 2005
A brother and sister and their teddy bear go through the house gathering items they will need for their siesta in the back yard.

The Sleeping Beauty = La Bella Durmiente --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D44 Sl 2003
A beautiful princess is put into a deep sleep by a curse until she is awakened by a brave prince.

Sólidos, Líquidos y Gases = Solids, Liquids, and Gases --- LANGUAGE PZ73.L5618 Sol 2011
Simple text and photographs present solids, liquids, and gases—in both English and Spanish.

Somos Como las Nubes = We Are Like the Clouds by Jorge Argueta --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A74 So 2016
Why are young people leaving their country to walk to the United States to seek a new, safe home? Over 100,000 such children have left Central America. This book of poetry helps us to understand why and what it is like to be them.

The Storyteller's Candle = La Velita de los Cuentos by Lucía González --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G5886 Sto 2008
During the early days of the Great Depression, New York City's first Puerto Rican librarian, Pura Belpré, introduces the public library to immigrants living in El Barrio and hosts the neighborhood's first Three Kings' Day fiesta.

Tarsiana: An Ancient Greek Story = Una Antigua Historia Griega by Rita Wirkala --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W575 Tar 2011
This thrilling story, rich in multiple meanings, is about the adventures of a girl of ancient Greece. Although it takes place in a faraway land of kings and slaves, of beautiful princesses and evil stepmothers, of rich merchants and pirates, of opulent palaces and terrible shipwrecks, the core of the story is, nevertheless, relevant to children today and forever.

The Ugly Duckling = El Patito Feo by Mercè Escardó i Bas --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .E66813 Ug 2004
An ugly duckling spends an unhappy year excluded by the other animals before he grows into a beautiful swan.

Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M7955 Viv 2014
Via spare text, this book presents Frida Kahlo, one of the world's most famous and unusual artists, and examines her creative process.

Water Rolls, Water Rises = El Agua Rueda, el Agua Sube by Pat Mora --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M635 Wat 2014
A series of verses, in English and Spanish, about the movement and moods of water around the world and the ways in which water affects a variety of landscapes and cultures.

What a Tantrum! = Vaya Rabieta by Mireille d’Allancé --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A4127 Wh 2003
Roberto has a very bad day and has to face the monster that is his anger.

picture book icon  Picture Books

Al Galope! by Rufus Butler Seder --- LANGUAGE PZ73.S385 Al 2009
Text of this book for children asks if the reader can move like certain animals and describes the animal sounds. Illustrations with acetate overlays give the illusion of movement.

Allá en la Pradera: Un Poema Para Contar by Olive A. Wadsworth --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W132 All 2003
A variety of meadow animals pursuing their daily activities introduce the numbers one through ten.

Las Aventuras de Pedro Pelícano: Un Ave Nace by Frances Keiser --- LANGUAGE PZ73.K273 Ave 2003
A story in rhyme about a pelican egg which hatches into curious young Pete; to protect his head from the sun, his parents find a child's cap for him to wear.

Azúl el Sombrero, Verde el Sombrero by Sandra Boynton --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B6968 Azu 2003
Humorous animal characters introduce the basic colors and familiar items of clothing.

Bodhisattva y la Tortuga by Javier Agjeno Torres --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T67747 Bo 2008
Bodhisattva saves the life of a turtle who decides to repay him.

Buenas Noches, Luna by Margaret Wise Brown --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B8163 Bue 1995c
Before going to sleep, a little rabbit says goodnight to many different things.

Clic, Clac, Muu: Vacas Escritoras by Doreen Cronin --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C88135 Cli 2002
When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.

Corre, Perro, Corre! by P.D. Eastman --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E13153 Co 1992
A vocabulary-building story about dogs engaged in every imaginable type of activity.

El Día que Cambié a Mi Padre por Dos Peces de Colores by Neil Gaiman --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G1273 Día 2003
After trading in his father for two goldfish, a little boy and his sister go on an adventure around town to get him back.

Donde Viven los Monstruos [Where the Wild Things Are] by Maurice Sendak --- LANGUAGE PZ73.S47 Don 2009
A naughty little boy, sent to bed without his supper, sails to the land of the wild things where he becomes their king.

Fonchito y la Luna by Mario Vargas Llosa --- LANGUAGE PZ73.V3475 Fon 2010
Fonchito is in love for the first time and he finds there is nothing he can not do for her, even if she asks for the moon.

Frida Kahlo: Para Chicas y Chicos by Nadia Fink --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .F56 Fri 2015
The first in the Anti-Princess series explores the life of Frida Kahlo, the world-renowned Mexican artist that dedicated her life to creating beauty and expressing her most authentic self despite the many challenges she faced.

El Gato Con Sombrero Viene de Nuevo by Dr. Seuss --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G276 Gat 2004
The Cat in the Hat leaves a big pink ring in the tub and moves it from place to place with the help of his alphabet friends.

El Gran Día de Lily by Kevin Henkes --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H389 Gra 2008
When her teacher announces that he is getting married, Lilly the mouse sets her heart on being the flower girl at his wedding.

Harold y el Lápiz Color Morado by Crockett Johnson --- LANGUAGE PZ73.J63162 Har 1995
Harold provides himself with many adventures with his purple crayon.

Jorge y Marta by James Marshall --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M35672 Jor 2000
Relates several episodes in the friendship of two hippopotamuses.

Llaman a la Puerta by Pat Hutchins --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H8835 Do 1994
Each time the doorbell rings, there are more people who have come to share Ma's wonderful cookies.

La Luna Se Fue de Fiesta by Matthew Gollub --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G583 Lun 1997
Jealous of the sun, the moon decides to create her own fiesta and celebrates a bit too much.

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B425 Mad 1993
Madeline, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel, wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

Melodía en la Ciudad by Benjamin Lacombe --- LANGUAGE PZ73.A36 Mel 2010 Bottom shelf
The story of young Alexander's secret gift and his fortunate encounter with Elena, the beautiful Andalucian gypsy.

Los Mejores Amigos de Maisy by Lucy Cousins --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C83175 Mai 2003
Maisy the mouse enjoys having fun with all of her best friends.

Mirando y Miranda by Rafael E. Trujillo --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T785 Mir 2005
This is the story of Enrique, a frog was lost in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fortunately, the curious frog met a talkative parrot and friends who took him to celebrated places celebrated in the historic capital city of the charming island and then helped him find his way home.

Nancy la Elegante by Jane O'Connor --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O222 Nan 2008
A young girl who loves fancy things helps her family to be fancy for one special night.

Pingüino by Polly Dunbar --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D89445 Pin 2008
Lucas is delighted to receive a penguin for his birthday but Pingüino will not answer or respond to him in any way, no matter what Lucas does, until, at last, they discover the language of friendship.

Salta, Ranita, Salta! by Robert Kalan --- LANGUAGE PZ73 .K337 1994
A cumulative tale in which a frog tries to catch a fly without getting caught itself.

El Sastrecillo Valiente by Arnica Esterl --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E88 Tap 2000
A tailor who kills seven flies with one blow outwits the king and earns half his kingdom and his daughter's hand in marriage.

Si le Das una Galletita a un Ratón [If You Give a Mouse a Cookie] by Laura Joffe Numeroff --- LANGUAGE PZ73.N86 Gal 1995
Relating the cycle of requests a mouse is likely to make after you give him a cookie takes the reader through a young child's day.

Soy el Robot by Bernardo Fernández --- LANGUAGE PZ73.F47 Soy 2009
Tired of having to go to school, do chores at home, and everything else that adults tell him, a boy buys a robot duplicate, which works fine until it starts getting ideas of its own, and other people seem to like it better than the real boy.

El Tesoro de Noelle: Una Nueva Mágica y Misteriosa Aventura by Gloria Estefan --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E79 Tes 2006
Noelle the bulldog goes looking for long-lost pirate treasure on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where she ends up finding something far more valuable.

Tío Culebra by Matthew Gollub --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G583 Tío 2002x
When his face is changed into that of a snake after he visits a forbidden cave, a young boy wears a mask for twenty years, before being taken into the sky.

La Tortilla Corredora by Laura Herrera --- LANGUAGE PZ73.H477 Tor 2010
A woman has made a delicious tortilla for her seven hungry children, but the tortilla doesn’t want to be eaten and runs away. A traditional story from the south of Chile, with an unexpected ending.

Tristán e Iseo by Béatrice Fontanel, Aurélia Fronty --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T7395 Tri 2010
The tragic tale of Tristan and Isolde, a pair of star-crossed lovers.

Los Veinticinco Gatos Mixtecos by Matthew Gollub --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G583 Ve 1997
The inhabitants of a mountain village are suspicious of the twenty-five cats who come to live with their healer, until the cats are able to help lift a curse placed on the butcher.

easy book icon  Easy Chapter Books

Las Aventuras del Superbebé Pañal: La Primera Novela Gráfica de Jorge Betanzos y Berto Henares [Adventures of Super Diaper Baby] by Dav Pilkey --- LANGUAGE PZ73.P63123 Ave 2003
Irrepressible friends Jorge and Berto create a new comic book superhero, Superbebé Pañal.

El Caballero del Alba [Knight at Dawn] by Mary Pope Osborne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O81167 Cab 2003
Eight-year-old Jack and his younger sister Annie use the magic treehouse to travel back to the Middle Ages, where they explore a castle and are helped by a mysterious knight.

Dinosaurios al Atardecer [Dinosaurs Before Dark] by Mary Pope Osborne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O81167 Din 2002
Eight-year-old Jack and his younger sister Annie find a magic treehouse, which whisks them back to an ancient time zone where they see live dinosaurs.

Doble Fudge [Double Fudge] by Judy Blume --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B6265 Dou 2004
His younger brother's obsession with money and the discovery of long-lost cousins Flora and Fauna provide many embarrassing moments for twelve-year-old Peter.

Los Españoles en América by Linda Thompson --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T4818 Esp 2006
Discusses the first European attempt at a settlement in what became the United States, made by the Spanish in 1526, at San Miguel de Gualdape.

Los Grandes Lagos by Linda Thompson --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T4818 Gra 2006
Describes the history of the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Judy Moody & Stink: La Loca, Loca Búsqueda del Tesoro [Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt] by Megan McDonald --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M478419 Jul 2011
During a weekend trip to Ocracoke Island, siblings Judy and Stink Moody take part in a pirate treasure-hunting game, in which various clues lead them to silver coins, or "pieces of eight," hidden across the island.

Judy Moody Va a la Universidad [Judy Moody Goes to College] by Megan McDonald --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M478419 Juv 2009
When her substitute teacher realizes she is struggling in math, Judy is sent to a math tutor at the local college and soon is completely into the spirit of college life.

Jugo de Pecas [Freckle Juice] by Judy Blume --- LANGUAGE PZ73.B6265 Jug 1996
Andrew wants freckles so badly that he buys Sharon's freckle recipe for fifty cents.

Junie B. Jones Es una Peluquera [Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy] by Barbara Park --- LANGUAGE PZ73.P2197 Jue 2004
After her first trip to a beauty parlor Junie decides she wants to work there, and she practices on her bunny slippers, her dog, and herself with disastrous results.

Junie B. Jones Tiene un Monstruo Debajo de la Cama [Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed] by Barbara Park --- LANGUAGE PZ73.P2197 Jut 2004
After hearing from a classmate at kindergarten that people have monsters under their beds, Junie B. Jones is afraid to go to sleep that night.

Mallory Se Muda [Mallory on the Move] by Laurie Friedman --- LANGUAGE PZ73.F7153 Mal 2008
After moving to a new town, eight-year-old Mallory keeps throwing stones in the "Wishing Pond" but things will not go back to the way they were before, and she remains torn between old and new best friends.

Medianoche en la Luna [Midnight on the Moon] by Mary Pope Osborne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O81167 Med 2004
The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie to a moon base in the future, where they continue to search for the fourth thing they need to free their friend Morgan from the magician's spell.

Una Momia al Amanecer [Mummies in the Morning] by Mary Pope Osborne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O81167 Mom 2003
Jack and his younger sister take a trip in their tree house back to ancient Egypt, where they help a queen's mummy continue her voyage to the Next Life.

Un Monstruo en los Manglares by De Reese Everett --- LANGUAGE PZ73.E94 Mon 2017
Lawrence had big plans for Saturday. Doing nothing. It was going to be perfect but it was ruined when he had to tag along to volunteer with his sister for beach cleanup. He didn't expect other kids his age or the adventure they were going to have. From the sandy beach to the tangled roots of the mangroves, Lawrence and his friends encounter a giant eyeball, a dinosaur, and treasure!

El Niño Gol by Ramón García Domínguez --- LANGUAGE PZ73.G3256 Niñ 2010
Quique's father is a sports announcer, and for him receiving a grade of "excellent" in school is the same as scoring a goal, so Quique strives to achieve the success his father expects of him.

Piratas Después del Mediodía [Pirates Past Noon] by Mary Pope Osborne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.O81167 Pir 2003
The magic treehouse whisks Jack and Annie back to the days of deserted islands, secret maps, hidden gold, and nasty pirates.

Los Primeros Asentamientos by Linda Thompson --- LANGUAGE PZ73.T4718 Pri 2006
Explores the first settlements that were formed in America, discussing the explorers that made them possible and the reasons for the colonization.

Ramona Empieza el Curso [Ramona Quimbey, Age 8] by Beverly Clearly --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C5792 Rae 1997
The further adventures of the Quimby family as Ramona enters the third grade.

Ramona la Chinche [Ramona the Pest] by Beverly Cleary --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C5792 Rac 1996
Ramona meets a lot of interesting people in kindergarten class, including Davy whom she keeps trying to kiss and Susan whose springy curls seem to ask to be pulled.

El Ratoncito de la Moto [The Mouse and the Motorcycle] by Beverly Cleary --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C5792 Rat 2003
A reckless young mouse named Ralph makes friends with a boy in room 215 of the Mountain View Inn and discovers the joys of motorcycling.

Sapo y Sepo, Inseparables [Frog and Toad Together] by Arnold Lobel --- LANGUAGE PZ73.L7795 Sap 2002
Five further adventures of two best friends as they share cookies, plant a garden, and test their bravery.

Stink: El Increíble Niño Menguante [Stink, the Incredible Shrinking Kid] by Megan McDonald --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M478419 Sti 2008
The shortest kid in the second grade, James Moody, also known as Stink, learns all about the shortest president of the United States, James Madison, when they celebrate Presidents' Day at school.

Winny de Puh [Winnie the Pooh] by A.A. Milne --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M64 Win 1999
Edward Bear acquires a new name, Winnie-the-Pooh, and a new life with the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Woods.

advanced book icon  Advanced Chapter Books

El Arroyo de la Llorona y Otros Cuentos by Sandra Cisneros --- PS3553 .I78 W6618 1996 (3rd floor)
Stories of life on both sides of the Mexican border.

Las Brujas [The Witches] by Roald Dahl --- LANGUAGE PZ73.D1515 Bru 2008
Real witches don't ride around on broomsticks. They don't even wear black cloaks and hats. They are vile, detestable creatures who disguise themselves as nice, ordinary ladies. This spine-chilling story will tell you all you need to know about the cunning masqueraders, and bring you face-to-face with a true hero, a wonderful old grandmother who smokes cigars.

La Casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros --- PS3553.I78 H618 1994 (3rd floor)
Frustrated by a life in the slums of Chicago, Esperanza tries to escape her neighborhood and invent her own future.

Crepúsculo: Un Amor Peligroso [Twilight] by Stephenie Meyer --- LANGUAGE PZ73.M5717515 Twi 2009
When seventeen-year-old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human.

Diario de Greg: Un Renacuajo [Diary of a Wimpy Kid] by Jeff Kinney --- LANGUAGE PZ73.K6232 Dia 2008
Greg records his sixth grade experiences in a middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive, but when Rowley grows more popular, Greg must take drastic measures to save their friendship.

Los Juegos del Hambre [The Hunger Games] by Suzanne Collins --- LANGUAGE PZ73.C6837 Hun 2008
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister's place.

Popol Vuj: Libro Sagrado de los Mayas --- F1465.P8 M66 1999 (3rd floor)
The Mayans' written account of the creation of the universe, the gods and demi-gods who occupied that universe, and the story of how man was created by them.

Sin Igual [Unrivaled] by Alyson Noël --- LANGUAGE PZ73.N67185 Sin 2016
Aspiring reporter Layla, budding actress Aster, and future guitar hero Tommy find themselves with a VIP invite to the world of Los Angeles's nightlife and lured into a competition where Hollywood's hottest starlet, Madison Brooks, is the target. Just as their hopes begin to gleam like stars through the California smog, Madison Brooks goes missing.

El Soñador [Dreamer] by Pam Muñoz Ryan --- LANGUAGE PZ73.R9553 Soñ 2010
A fictionalized biography of Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, who grew up as a painfully shy child ridiculed by his overbearing father.

Stuart Little by E.B. White --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W58277 Stu 2004
The adventures of the debonair mouse Stuart Little as he sets out in the world to seek out his dearest friend, a little bird that stayed for a few days in his family's garden.

La Teleraña de Carlota [Charlotte's Web] by E. B. White --- LANGUAGE PZ73.W58277 Tel 2005
Wilbur the pig is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner until his spider friend, Charlotte, decides to help him.

Yo! by Julia Álvarez --- PS3551.L845 Y6 1999 (3rd floor)
Yo, a creative third sister, tells stories about her family and life as a Dominican American.

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