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Books with REF in their call numbers are located on the second floor in the Reference Collection, and are for in-library-use only. You may copy or scan information from these books. All other books will be located on the third floor in the Circulating Collection and may be checked out with your SF ID card for 2 weeks.

General Symbolism Books

  • 1000 Symbols by Rowena & Rupert Shepherd --- REF AZ108 .S54 2002
  • 1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning by Jack Tresidder --- AZ108 .T74 2004
  • The Complete Dictionary of Symbols by Jack Tresidder --- REF AZ108 .T74 2005
  • The Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols by Udo Becker --- REF AZ108 .B4313 1994
  • Dictionary of Symbolism by Hans Biedermann --- REF AZ108 .B5313 1992
  • A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot --- AZ108 .C513 2002
  • The Directory of Signs & Signals: A Guide to Signs, Codes and Signals From Across the World by Catherine Davidson --- P99 .D38 2004
  • The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols by Miranda Bruce-Mitford --- REF AZ108 .B78 1996
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Signs & Symbols: Identification and Analysis of the Visual Vocabulary That Formulates Our Thoughts and Dictates Our Reactions to the World Around Us by Mark O'Connell and Raje Airey --- REF AZ108 .O23 2007
  • The Secrets of the Universe in 100 Symbols by Sarah Bartlett --- REF AZ108 .B37 2015
  • Signs & Symbols, edited by Kim Dennis-Bryan --- REF AZ108 .S54 2008
  • Signs & Symbols: What They Mean and How We Use Them by Mark O'Connell and Raje Airey --- AZ108 .O256 2009
  • Symbolism by Nathalia Brodskaia --- eBook
  • Symbolism: A Comprehensive Dictionary by Steven Olderr --- REF AZ108 .O38 2012
  • Symbols and Meaning: A Concise Introduction by Mari Womack --- GN452.5 .W66 2005
  • Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings by T.A. Kenner --- AZ108 .K46 2010
  • Symbols, Signs & Visual Codes: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Decoding the Universal Icons, Signs and Symbols That Are Used in Literature, Art, Religion, Astrology, Communication, Advertising, Mythology and Science by Mark O'Connell and Raje Airey --- REF AZ108 .O236 2007
  • The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara G. Walker --- REF AZ108 .W35 1988

Religious Symbols

  • Church Symbolism: An Explanation of the More Important Symbols of the Old and New Testament, the Primitive, the Mediaeval, and the Modern Church by F.R. Webber --- BV150 .W4 1992
  • Dictionary of Classical Mythology: Symbols, Attributes & Associations by Robert E. Bell --- REF BL715 .B44 1982
  • Hidden Religion: The Greatest Mysteries and Symbols of the World's Religious Beliefs by Micah Issitt and Carlyn Main --- REF BL610 .I87 2014
  • How to Read a Church: A Guide to Symbols and Images in Churches and Cathedrals by Richard Taylor --- BV150 .T39 2005
  • The Secret Language of Churches & Cathedrals: Decoding the Sacred Symbolism of Christianity's Holy Buildings by Richard Stemp --- NA4800 .S68 2010
  • Symbols in Christian Art & Architecture --- website
  • The Symbols of the Church by Maurice Dilasser --- BV150 .D46513 1999
  • Symbols of Islam by Malek Chebel --- BP161.2 .C52131 1997 Bottom shelf
  • Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism by Claude B. Levenson --- BQ5115.C5 L4813 2000

Symbols in Art & Literature

  • The Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in Art by Hope B. Werness --- REF GR705 .W47 2006
  • A Dictionary of Literary Symbols by Michael Ferber --- REF AZ108.S9 F47 2007 & eBook [older edition upstairs, PN56.S9 F47 1999]
  • Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art by James Hall --- REF N7560 .H34 2008
  • The Dictionary of Symbols in Western Art by Sarah Carr-Gomm --- REF N7740 .C29 1995
  • Discovering the Great Masters: The Art Lover's Guide to Understanding Symbols in Paintings by Paul Crenshaw --- ND1145 .C74 2009
  • A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art by Gertrude Grace Sill --- N7830 .S55y
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern and Western Art by James Hall --- REF N7740 .H35 1994
  • The Literary Symbol by William York Tindale --- PN56 .S9 T5
  • Literary Symbolism: An Introduction to the Interpretation of Literature by Maurice Beebe --- PN56 .S9 B4
  • Signs & Symbols in Christian Art by George Wells Ferguson --- REF N7830 .F37 1959
  • Symbols and Allegories in Art by Matilde Battistini --- N7740 .B2913 2005

Other Areas

  • The Complete Guide to National Symbols and Emblems by James Minahan --- eBook
  • A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols: Hidden Symbols in Chinese Life and Thought by Wolfram Eberhard --- REF DS721 .E32613 1988
  • Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols by Gertrude Jobes --- REF GR35 .J6
  • Egyptian Symbols by Heike Owusu --- DT61 .O98 2008
  • Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers, Plants, and Trees by Ernst and Johanna Lehner --- REF GR780 .L44 1990
  • The Language of Flowers: Symbols and Myths by Marina Heilmeyer --- GR780 .H45 2001
  • Mythical Zoo: Animals in Myth, Legend, and Literature by Boria Sax --- QL85 .S27 2013
  • Nature and Its Symbols by Lucia Impelluso --- N7680 .I4713 2004
  • Rooted in America: Foodlore of Popular Fruits and Vegetables, edited by David Scofield Wilson and Angus Kress Gillespie --- GR105 .R66 1999

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